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What is Copd

Talking about What is Copd, health is an aspect that is very important to be maintained well. If we have our health condition drops, we will not be able to do our routine activities like normal. We must have trouble in doing the activities so that it will be problem for us. We can not go to office to work and we also can not go to school to study. Moreover, there will be many other activities that we will not be able to have because of bad condition of our health. Furthermore, there are many kinds of disease that we have to be aware of because we must not want any kind of disease come to us. In addition, there is a kind of disease named COPD.

What is Copd

What is copd actually? Well, to answer the question about what is copd, we can see from the symptoms that the disease gives to the sufferers. The disease of COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is s disease that causes the sufferer to have problem in the lung in which there is narrow circulation of the airways so that the sufferers will have difficulty in breathing.

Moreover, because of the narrow airways, the sufferer of the disease will have little air that can flow through it. That is why people with COPD will get difficulty in their breathing. The patients will have short breath that can not support them to have many activities.  In answering the question of what is copd, it can also be revealed another symptom of the disease.

What is Copd

Well, another symptom that can appear in the people with COPD is that there will be harsh sound when the patients take a breath. It can show how hard the patients in breathing. In addition, people who have the disease of COPD will also get a symptom of cough in high intensity that get worse and worse. All of the symptoms will get harder and harder that is why it is called chronic. Furthermore,what is copd can also be answered by looking at the cause of the disease. The basic cause for this kind of disease is smoking. People who often smoke will have higher possibility for the COPD because there will be many dangerous materials that are contained in cigarette. That is why people who often smoke will get higher risk to get the disease.

In addition, another cause for COPD can reveal people’s question about what is copd. Another cause for the disease is the environment of the living. For they who work in mining industry, it is needed to be wary because there must be many chemical materials such as isocyanates and cadmium that can go with the flow of air that is inhaled. Air pollution can also be another cause for the disease. From air pollution in a country, we can get dirty air to inhale so that from the dirty air we will get trouble with the airways to the lung.  In addition, there is also found that the patients of COPD have genetic cause from the parents that are heavy smoker.

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