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COPD Stages

COPD stages are classified into four based on how severe the disease is and how much it damages the patients’ lungs. To know in what stage a patient suffers COPD, a doctor commonly does a test named spirometry and then the doctor will know what treatments should be given to the patients. There are four stages of COPD classified by the Global Initiative for Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD). There are four stages that are classified based on the spirometric measurements; mild on stage I, moderate on stage II, severe on stage III, and very severe on stage IV.

On the stage I or mild COPD stages, a patient will start having a little bit difficulty of breathing because of the airflow limitation in lungs. However, most patients on this earliest stage don’t realize that their lungs are in problems. The symptoms don’t give clear sign of COPD but some patients get severe cough with much mucus production in this early stage. That is why only few of patients that knows and gets treatments in this first stage of COPD. Most of patients see a doctor when they have gotten more severe symptoms and it commonly has stepped to the higher stages.

On the stage II or moderate COPD stages, the airflow get worsen and the patients start have shortened breathe especially when they get much cough and excessive mucus. Most people on this COPD stage start to have initiative to see a doctor so that getting some treatments. Meanwhile, worse condition will be had by patients on the stage III of the COPD stages. They will be increasingly hard to breathe because of the much limited airflow in lungs. The symptoms are also with COPD exacerbations. Patients in this stage of COPD will feel tiredness much easier when doing some activities.

Worst condition of health is always suffered by patients on the stage IV; very severe COPD stages. They will have a worst decreasing of life quality and threatening condition of exacerbations. Additionally, most patients on this stage will get chronic failure of respiratory. Breathing will be so hard for the severe lungs obstruction and airflow limitation. Besides, some complication may be happened especially in the heart. Heart complications happen because of the hardness of blood pump to the damaged lungs. Most of the patients on the stage IV have gotten chronic lungs damages and died in some time.

Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to know about COPD and the COPD stages of severity especially for those who regularly smoke. Some common symptoms of the COPD also should be firstly concerned. Just be aware when you suffer cough with excessive mucus for a long time. You should see a doctor to know the right diagnose as early as possible before the disease get worse. The best idea is just stop smoking and stay away from smoke as well as other sources of polluted air. Besides, having better lifestyle with regular exercises may improve your health especially the heart and lungs.

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