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Lung Disease

Talking about Lung Disease, lungs are one of human vital organs that support human’s life. It especially works for human respiratory system. It has the duty as the place for oxygen exchange that is needed by human with the carbon dioxide, the residue of respiratory process that will be exhaled out of the body, so the oxygen needs are met. Air is very essential for human. If we do not inhale oxygen for some minutes, it can cause even death.

Lung Disease

That is how important the role of lungs is. This organ lies beneath the rib cage has a tough job, not to mention the pollution that is spread in the air and various bacteria and diseases flying airborne. It can cause lung disease. There are some diseases that typically struck human’s lungs. The most common one is Tuberculosis or TBC. This disease is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium. This lung disease can be contagious through the spreading saliva give away when the sufferer is coughing.

This disease is actually one of the disease that have been conquered on earlier period of time but lately it strikes back and the number of sufferers keep increasing. One of the causes for this lung disease is because the patients did not finish their medication. Drugs and medicine should be taken regularly from 6 to 9 months to cure the disease thoroughly. If you do not finish up the medication, the bacteria will become immune to the medication and it makes them incurable.

Lung Disease

Asthma is another typicallungs disease. It happens because of the narrowing of the airways that causes the sufferer to get choke up out of breath. The narrowing happens on the vessels of the throat. Genetic factor has a big role in having this kind of disease. If you have parents or grandparents having this lung disease, it could be passed down to you genetically.

Allergy can also be the cause of this disease. Dust, temperature changes, moisture, excessive movement or emotional stress can cause allergy that will lead to the swelling up on the vessel and excessive production of phlegm that cause the airways become narrow. Although attack can be gone by itself by time, severe attack can cause death if it does not treat properly that will make the sufferer out of breath. Another lung disease you should know is pneumonia. It is a kind of infection happens on the lung tissue caused by bacteria, virus or mold. Generally, it is caused by streptococcus and mycoplasma pneumoniae bacteria. It causes the sufferer to cough up thick yellow-colored phlegm, fever and breathe shortness.

Emphysema is another Lung Disease found nowadays. It is caused by the loss of alveoli elasticity. Alveoli itself are the bubbles found in lungs. Emphysema sufferers have bigger volume of lungs than normal healthy person because the carbon dioxide that is supposed to be exhaled out is trapped inside it. Cigarette smoke and the lack of alfa-1 antitrypsin enzyme are the main causes of the loss of alveoli elasticity. That is just a few lung disease found nowadays. There are still more of them. You should learn more to prevent you from getting them.

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