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COPD Symptoms

Before you think that the health problems you get are the COPD symptoms, you may need to firstly know about how the doctors diagnose COPD disease in someone. The most common diagnose is a smoking history. Those who smoke much are much more potential to suffer COPD. The next diagnose is the chronic cough suffered with large amount of sputum production like suffered in chronic bronchitis, the suffering of dyspnea, and rhonchi or the decreasing of breathe sound intensity as well as expiration prolonged need when doing physical exercises. And the most right diagnose is the limitation of airflow on the pulmonary functions.

When someone suffers COPD, the most common COPD symptoms is the breathe shortness or also called dyspnea. It makes the sufferer difficult to breathe or inhale the air sufficiently. The hardness of breathing can be felt whenever the sufferer does some physical exercises or other activities with much body moving. People with COPD will feel the dyspnea getting worse day by day and after some years breathe shorten will be suffered even when doing simple household activities. Furthermore, in the late stages of COPD, dyspnea will disturb much and constantly when the sufferer gets rest.

The other COPD symptoms that can be felt by the sufferer are constant cough with much mucus or sputum production, some wheezing from the inside of the chest, chest tightness, as well as much unusual tiredness. In the late stage, COPD sufferers sometimes get failure of respiratory. It causes the lack amount of oxygen inside the blood and then the lips of the sufferer become bluish discoloration or also called cyanosis. Besides, the larger amounts of carbon dioxide inside the blood can also cause asterixis (drowsiness or twitching), as well as bad headaches.

Furthermore, other severe COPD symptoms can be seen on the sufferer with complication called cor pulmonale. It is the heart strain caused by the hard work of pumping the blood through the pretentious lungs. Then, when the sufferer has been complicated with cor pulmonela, he/ she will also get symptoms called peripheral edema that makes ankle swellings as well as shorten of breathe or dypnea.

In addition, people with COPD may also get some common signs such as tachypnea or the quick rate of breathing. But, the breathing out time is much longer than the breathing in so that the neck muscles look more active helping the sufferer to breathe through the tightened lips. When the healthcare staff examines with a stethoscope, it will be heard some sounds of crackles or wheezing in the lungs of the people with COPD symptoms. Hyperaeration or the enlargement of chest from back to front is also become another sign of COPD. Besides, the sufferer also looks with increased anteroposterior.

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