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COPD Life Expectancy

Talking about COPD Life Expectancy, most people know that COPD is a dangerous disease attacking lungs as one of vital organs inside the body. Many of the COPD cases are finished to the death of the sufferers because of the severe damages of lungs. However, there is still chance for the sufferers to live since they know the ideas and how to have a better lifestyle even with COPD disease. COPD life expectancy is always there for those who want to actively find some information. The main idea is just living with healthier and discipline lifestyle as well as avoiding all things that become the main causes of the COPD. It may give more expectancy to live much longer or even get well from COPD.

COPD Life Expectancy

Actually, COPD life expectancy will be always huge for those who can stop smoking after his/ her first time diagnosed of COPD and in the early stage. The expectancy is same for any sex, weight, height, as well as age. COPD will not be progressive when the sufferer stops smoking and supported by healthier lifestyle. Contrarily, more severe condition of lungs and even respiratory failure will happen when the cigarette smoking is continued.

The COPD life expectancy also can be predicted by BODE index. In fact, BODE index is commonly used to check how much the lungs are harmed and how high the risk of mortality in a COPD sufferer. It has been a practical tool developed to check the condition of patient’s lungs destruction and how COPD has affected. The tool also can give information of the respiratory symptoms suffered by the patients, as well as how much the COPD affects the entire body’s health.

The examination using BODE index for COPD life expectancy checking is done by checking the patient’s BMI or body mass index. Patients with too low BMI are commonly much associated with poor COPD. Another test is done to check the airway obstruction in patients through a test called spirometry; supplemental oxygen will be given when the oxygen the patient’s body is too low. The next test is done to check shorten of breathe or so called dyspnea with MMRC; dyspnea can be cured by doing some exercise and breaking dyspnea cycle. In addition, the physical exercise test also can be done to measure the body tolerance.

The COPD life expectancy is in fact will be depended on the lifestyle of the sufferers themselves. COPD is a disease that is commonly caused by bad lifestyle especially too much cigarette smoking. If the sufferers can stop smoking with a full willingness, the COPD will not be progressive; even it may be cured when it is on the early stages. Avoiding someone who smokes surround you is also a crucial thing to concern. Being passive smoker may give you worse risk of COPD as well as other lung diseases. Besides, some physical exercises are also needed to promote the smoothness of breathing. The physical exercise may train the lungs work well, breathe smoothly, and make better the symptoms of breathe shorten.

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