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Chronic Lung Disease

Talking about Chronic Lung Disease, in the medication field, there are many kinds of term for disease that we can find. There are many kinds of health problem or disease that can threaten the lives of many people. There are many diseases that can bother people to do their routine such as working, studying, hanging out, and many other things. Moreover, from many kinds of disease that occur, there is one kind of disease that can harm many people.

Chronic Lung Disease

Chronic lung disease is revealed to be a kind of disease that threatens many people that can come from the habit that people have. As we know, there are so many inhabitants in this world have habit of smoking. It is absolutely not good for the health condition. There are many experts state that smoking has bad effects for the health of the body. Moreover, it can harm the lung. There are many diseases that are caused by the habit of smoking. One of the diseases is thechronic lung disease.

Well, there are many symptoms for the disease. People with the disease of chronic lung can get the airways to the lung narrowed. Because of the narrow airways, the patients will get difficulty in breathing. They will find it hard to inhale the air to the lung. When there is not enough air in the lung, they will not be able to do hard activity.

Moreover, chronic lung disease will get worse until the capability of the patients in inhale breathing will be very low. It is fatal when the capability of breathing get worse since people can not live without breathing. Furthermore, people with the disease will come out to have sound when they breathe. It appears as the result of the difficulty that they have in their breathing. In addition, another symptom of chronic lung disease that the patient can get is that they will get much cough. It will be hard for the sufferers of the disease to have many kinds of activities since there the cough and short breathing are not able to support their body in having enough energy.

In addition, Chronic Lung Disease is not only caused by smoking habit. This disease is also can be caused by the environment that is not supportive for having healthy life. The condition of the air establishes the disease to come. Well, the environment that can cause the disease to appear is air pollution. It is obvious that the usage of vehicle in our environment is getting higher and higher.

From vehicles, there are chemical materials that can harm human’s life. By the chemical materials from vehicles, it can cause the disease in lung to come. Furthermore, another kind of environment that can cause people to get the lung disease is the environment of mining industry. In mining industry, there will be waste that blend in the air that we inhale. So, for people who are working in a mining industry, they have to be careful in keeping themselves to inhale fresh air by using masker.

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