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Lung Disease Symptoms

Talking about Lung Disease Symptoms, symptoms like cough breathe shortness and pain around your chest may be showing something is wrong with your lungs. By detecting it at the earliest time, you can prevent the disease from becoming worse and lasting long. Knowing what kind of disease your lungs could have through its symptoms is very important. There are many lung diseases suffered by many people across the world.

Lung Disease Symptoms

The most typical ones are tuberculosis, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and lungs cancer. Each of them has different symptoms. Here is some information that can help you recognize lung disease symptoms. Tuberculosis disease is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. The symptoms can be seen when you have cough with phlegm for more than three weeks. It can also be accompanied by a cough that bled. Patients will have a fever, especially in the afternoon or evening, and a lot of sweating at night. There is also a loss of appetite.

Treatment for tuberculosis known from early stage really is not that expensive and easy to cure because there are already generic drugs provided by the government. When required, patients with TB may also be quarantined in a special place so as not to transmit the disease. Asthma is easier to be recognized. Sufferers usually have lung disease symptoms such as shortness of breath accompanied by wheezing sounds.

Lung Disease Symptoms

It can be prevented by avoiding things that can cause allergies to the sufferers, causing asthma attacks as allergy is one of the main causes of asthma. Bronchitis can be recognized by spotting fever or cough with yellow sputum that is caused by bacterial infection. If it has reached chronic state, it can cause cough with phlegm and shortness of breath for a few months to several years. Pneumonia symptoms seem to be similar but they are actually different from other lung disease symptoms.

People suffered pneumonia will cough up thick phlegm with yellowish color. They also suffer chest pain, shortness of breath, and high fever. Another lung disease, Emphysema, is caused due to loss of elasticity in the alveoli. The sufferers usually have shortness of breath in a long time and it cannot be cured with commonly used treatment for shortness of breath. There is loss of appetite that causes weight loss. It is very common lung disease symptoms to patients with emphysema. Cigarette smoke and the lack of alpha-1-antitrypsinenzyme are the causes of loss of lungs elasticity. Lungs cancer is the most dangerous disease.

It is often unnoticed at early state. Cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing up blood, tiredness and weight loss are these Lung Disease Symptoms. But as in other types of cancer, symptoms are generally only visible when the cancer has grown large or has spread. Lungs diseases are primarily caused by cigarette smoke. You should immediately cease this bad habit and do not try to start it for you have never smoked before. Avoid also being passive smokers as they are even more endangered than active smokers. Love your lungs, avoid lung disease, and you can breathe more easily.

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